Dr. Ju was born and raised in San Mateo and has been practicing dermatology since 1985. He has two practices in the Bay Area and welcomes patients of all ages.

Each patient is carefully and thoroughly evaluated to ensure the correct diagnosis and treatment for their skin condition. Dr. Ju focuses on medical and surgical dermatology. He addresses skin diseases such as acne, eczema, rashes, growths, skin cancers, infections, and other medical conditions which can cause patients significant concerns.

Dr. Ju is one of those “old-fashioned” doctors who enjoys taking time to get to know his patients and their symptoms so he can provide them with the best possible care. Many patients are referred by friends and relatives, and he often sees three generations of the same family. Dr. Ju feels that providing patients with a personal touch makes medicine more rewarding for him and leads to a better experience for all his patients. Read what his patients are saying here.